fine dining leicester

Top must-haves for a quality dining experience!

With the ever-increasing rise of restaurants and dining spaces, it’s to no surprise that we as fellow eaters are always searching for the next best dining experience or the latest restaurant offering the fanciest of plates.

Let’s be honest, we all love to eat great tasting food and enjoy a perfect atmosphere to go with it, but what are the elements that separate eating at a chain restaurant from a fine dining restaurant? We’ve listed our top considerations below!

1: Menu with a variety and choice

Whenever you’re visiting a fine dining restaurant, it’s pretty normal to expect a menu that offers variety and a great selection of dishes that accommodate to all tastes and pallets. It’s also nice to offer different menus to reflect the season as this gives returning customers the chance to experience a new taste. Which is why at Abbots Oak all our menus are seasonal and cooked with only the freshest and local produce available.

2: Award-winning

Promoting a restaurant is quite easy compared to obtaining recommendations and winning an award that will be recognised by people all over the region.

3: Appealing to the eye

What makes a fine dining restaurant truly stand out from the crowd is the Instagram worthy food! All the dishes must be carefully organised in a visually appealing way to make the diner fall in love with the dish even before they have tasted it!

4: Locally sourced food

Any restaurant claiming to be fine dining must try to provide their diners with only the best locally sourced produce. This way they are not only supporting local businesses, but also providing their customers with special ingredients they may not get in a chain restaurant.

5: Atmosphere

For the best dining experience, food and drink are not enough. Diners need to feel welcomed and be seated in an environment that is in-line with the restaurant theme. At Abbots Oak, you are surrounded by luxurious vintage deco that looks out into the woodland areas of the restaurant.

Join us for a fine dining experience at our beautiful country house hotel in Leicestershire – We promise you won’t be disappointed!