how to choose a perfect venue

5 top tips on how to choose a venue for your event

Unless you own a few acres of land, you’re going to need to hire a venue to share your special occasion with loved ones.

But with so much to plan and consider, how do you know you have the perfect venue?

We’ve put together some of our top tips on how to choose the ideal venue for a stress-free experience.


Whether you are planning a wedding, event or birthday party, the location of the venue is important to get right. Here are some questions you need to consider before you decide on where you would like to host your event –

Is it easily accessible?

How close are local amenities such as hotels and guesthouses?

Is it a commutable distance for guests to arrive without having to spend too much on travel?

How long will it take you to arrive at the place, as you’ll most likely be making a few trips to the location?

There any many factors to consider such as parking,


It is only worth going to view a venue if it is within your budget. Otherwise, you can easily fall in love with a venue that is way out of the price budget, meaning you would have to compromise highly on the other expenses of the event. It’s always worth discussing seasonal costs with the venue owner, and if they offer cheaper rates on a weekday.

Always clarify any hidden costs, for example, if you decide to bring your own caterers, the venue may charge for utilising the kitchen space.

Keep in control

Make a list of questions to take around with you when you go to view the venues for the event. That way you don’t miss out any important questions and you can make quick notes of the responses, as it’s easy to forget the details once you go see many different venues. Here are some questions you can ask –

Is the venue full service?

Do you have to provide the decorations/tables/chair covers?

How late can you party?

Are there any restrictions in place at the venue?

Are there any volume restrictions with the music

Ask away

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can think of before signing the contract, to ensure both parties are clear of each other’s requirements. Feel free to ask questions again from the initial phone call, just to make sure nothing has changed since.

Revisit the venue

When you think you have found the perfect venue, then don’t be shy to visit the place again for the second time. Just to make sure it is exactly how you envisioned it to be. Also, a good pointer is to communicate with the staff as it will help you get a good feel for what the people will be like to work with on the day.