Transform your wedding venue into a winter wonderland

From glistening glitter coated snowflakes to ivory satin ribbons- Nothing is more magical than a winter themed wedding venue.

There’s just something special about the winter season. Although the cold flurry weather can get the better of us some days, it undoubtedly brings out the festive spirit in everyone.

It’s also a great setting to host a beautiful, cosy and elegant wedding.

So if you’re planning to brave the winter weather and give your guests a winter wonderland experience, here are a few tips and ideas you can consider when planning your romantic dream wedding.


1: Choosing your venue

For the perfect winter wedding, you need to choose a wedding venue that boasts atmosphere and charm. If picturesque woodlands covered with snow is what you are looking for then the Abbots Oak is the ideal venue for you.

The traditional English country house features roaring open fires with large Tudor staircases to complete the graceful walk down.

2: Let is snow

You can always bring the snow inside your venue by decorating bare branches with white spray and glitter and using them around your doorframes to create a winter forest look.

3: It’s not all about white

If you would like to add a splash of colour to your winter theme, then the best colours to complement are ice blue, lilac, peach and silver. You can always sprinkle glitter on all the deco to create the magical atmosphere.

These colours will give you the same glam vibes but will add a touch of uniqueness to your venue.

4: Hot beverage bar

Keep your guests warm at your wedding with complimentary hot beverages. Hot chocolate, teas, coffee or even mulled wines will be the perfect welcome drink option for your guests as they enter your winter wonderland.

5: Winter Deco

A winter wonderland themed wedding is not complete without a few festive decorations scattered around.

Decorate the chairs with dainty wreaths or glitter-topped pinecones.

Spray paint empty wine bottles to use as candleholders for a budget-friendly look.

Mini gold sprayed leaves are perfect to use as table scatters.