Early Autumn wedding inspiration

There’s always something truly spectacular about the autumn season. With the grounds covered with different hues of oranges and yellow leaves, and not forgetting the crunchy broken bark fallen from trees. As the summer sun is waving goodbye, we welcome the autumn weather!

If you’re planning an autumn wedding then there is so many different themes and ideas you can go for. We’ve put together some of our top inspirations for an autumn wedding.

Colour schemes

Deciding on a colour theme couldn’t be easier in autumn. You have bronzy rusts, rose golds, burnt orange’s, deep purples and berry pinks to choose from! Choose a few colours that complement each other well to create your autumnal theme.

Harvest feasts

Serve your guests with seasonal veg and wholesome pies and then complete with apple cider and soft mulled wine to wash it all down with. Discuss the catering options your venue provides to ensure they can serve the type of food that you’d like your guests to enjoy.

Venue – Country houses

Country houses provide the perfect backdrop for your seasonal wedding. A historic and rustic country building surrounded by woodland areas and autumnal leaves would look amazing, especially in the photos. However, do bear in mind of the weather, as it can sometimes be unpredictable this season. Choose a venue that offers an indoor area where your guests can relax and enjoy a drink or two if the weather turns for the worst.


Here’s where you can save a lot of money! For the perfect table scatter, you can start collecting acorns that have fallen from trees. Give them a quick wash or you can spray paint them to complement your theme. You can also collect dried leaves and place in a decorated bowl to sit as a table centrepiece.