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Top Things to do in Leicestershire

For many years, the city of Leicester has been brushed over as a relatively unknown city in the Midlands. We haven’t been known for much other than the home of Gary Lineker, the Golden Mile and of course, Walkers Crisps!

However, since the discovery of King Richard III and the Legendary 2016 Premier league win, Leicester and Leicestershire has gained popularity which has lead to a cultural re-vamp within the city. With a rise of tourists in the city, we have collated our: Top Things To Do In Leicestershire.

1. Visit King Richards Tomb

In 2012, archaeologists from the University of Leicester discovered the remains of Richard III under a car park in the city centre. In 2015, the former King was buried in his final resting place in Leicester Cathedral. The burial was broadcast globally and has brought a lot of attraction to the city. You can visit the tomb on display in the Cathedral then make your way across the cobbles and visit the King Richard III visitor centre museum. It’s also worth taking a stroll down the historic lanes surrounding the area.

For more history and info on the visitors centre click here 

2. Afternoon Tea at Abbots Oak

Our afternoon tea has become quite popular over the past couple of years, hence its inclusion in out list! Offering a selection of freshly baked cakes and savouries made with seasonal ingredients, you can enjoy your tea and cake whilst absorbing our historical heritage and beautiful gardens! 

This summer we are introducing “Tipsy Teas” an adult boozy afternoon tea with a pot of G&T with every purchase. 

View our Afternoon tea menu and book a table today. 

3. Stroll through Leicester’s Botanic Garden

In the historic quarter of Leicester city, located within castle gardens, you can experience a mini botanic herb and vegetable garden patroned by David Attenborough himself.  The garden maintained by the University of Leicester so the public is welcome to stroll through the gardens and can also pick a paper bag full of herbs and veg for free, however they do ask for a donation.

For more information on the gardens history and how to get there click here

4. Try a Proper G&T

Thanks to our pals at Burleighs, Leicester is now the gin capital of the UK. Distilled in Leicestershire, it is of course going to make it on our list.

45 West Gin school offers customers the chance to flavour their own gin and learn about the distillery process. We think we should mention that here at Abbots Oak we have our own Burleighs Gin Bar fully stocked, always. 

Burleighs gin has a great website, and some exciting events coming up find out more here

5. Climb to the top of Beacon Hill              

On a warm sunny day, the views at the top of Beacon hill in Leicestershire are unmissable, at the highest point in the county within the Beacon country park. You can see country scenic views for miles. Pack a picnic and take your hiking boots and set an afternoon for a stroll up the hill.

For directions and car parking info visit click here

So thats our top picks on things to do in Leicestershire. We also give honorary mentions to the New walk museum, King power stadium, National space centre and Bradgate park. All mentioned are great days out, so there is no reason to ever be bored again.

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